Humiliation.POV - Princess Kate Once You Get Brainfucked By Me, You’ll Never Want To Fuck Again

Added: 13-01-2018

Hey loser, you love to get fucked, don’t you? And you love to fuck. Yourself, lol. But what you love most is having your brain fucked. You prefer it to fucking pussy. Getting fucked in the brain by the perfect brat is sex for you. It gives you the best orgasms. Once you get brainfucked, normal sex will never do it for you again. All I have to do to get you to cum is to fuck your pathetic brain. It’s so easy. My words and my body are all I need to destroy you. I have you wrapped around my little finger. You can’t do anything about it.All you can do is jerk it while I brain fuck you. It’s almost like you’re having sex with me because this has become sex for you. It’s so easy for me to toy with your brain and your cock. Do you know why? Because you don’t have a real life any more. You’ve become so addicted to being brainfucked that this is what you live for, it’s what you spend all of your free time doing. You crave it so badly that you make it easy for me to crawl inside your brain and fuck it. I know everything about you and I could destroy you with the information I have on you. I could blackmail you or simply destroy your ego so bad that you will never recover.Do you feel that? Do you feel that little fuck in your brain causing your cock to twitch? That’s the power I have over you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing. You’re mine, your body, your soul and your wallet. And that makes you so horny, doesn’t it? You get so horny knowing how easily I can fuck yourbrain. It makes you so horny knowing I could destroy you. Makes you so weak.I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard just by fucking your brain. Harder than you’ve ever cum during sex. I want to show you how much power I have over that brain and over that dick. You’re just a little puppet for me. All you need is a good brainfucking to make you cum.

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