Goddess Leslyn - Eat A Dozen Donuts Fatty

Added: 14-01-2018

****Be sure 2 have A Full Dozen of Donuts Ready Fat Ass. Chocolate with Cream inside are best so u can be an Extra Messy Filthy Pig.****Hubby, u have really been gaining so much weight lately. Read less
t seems like all you want 2 do is watch TV and stuff your face like a fat pig & gain even more weight. Well, if this is the life u want then I am going to have some fun with it. I am going to walk your through eating an entire dozen of messy donuts while I humiliate u and make u oink as you shove them in your face. I am going to make sure you turn into a real fat fuck pretty quickly. You can stay home every weekend & I’ll bring u a dozen donuts and order an extra large pizza for you while I go out & spend your money with my sexy girlfriends & flirt with hot guys who r in shape. Sounds like fun 2 me. You stay home n get fat while your pretty wife has fun out with her friends spending your paycheck. But, I know you are be just as happy as me because u will have a ton of food while u sit on your fat ass & stuff your face while watching TV. Are u ready to start on that first donut fat hubby? You have 12 to stuff your face with! I am ready to turn u into a big fat OINKER! You r going 2 have a few extra fat rolls when I am done with you. You’ll get so fat I’ll never want 2 fuck u HA HA HA

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