Jasmine Mendez - Pain For My Ass

Added: 26-11-2015
Jasmine Mendez - Pain For My Ass

This is going to be a sexy jerkoff instruction and you're going to enjoy every minute of it. You wish! Go on, jerk off, but.. every time I turn around and show you my ass, you will hurt your balls or your cock, whatever I decide. Got it? Touch yourself, jerk that cock for me. Then I'm going to put my big round booty in your face and you're going to squeeze those balls! Do it, hurt yourself for my ass. And you're going to do this over and over again. Pain and pleasure.
Pump it again for me you pathetic little loser. Pump that cock for my big tits. Now look at my ass and slap that cock. Slap it! Hurt that dick while you stare at my perfect ass. Do it for me. Now jerk it again. Awww is it going to be hard to cum with all that pain in your cock and balls? Well good, I don't care. Jerk and hurt, jerk and hurt, over and over again. I'm going to be relentless in this clip. You're head is going to be spinning between pain and pleasure. You love jerking off to me, you can't stop. And you also love obeying me so you must hurt yourself every time I command you to with my ass. I'm going to come up with so many different ways for you to hurt your cock and balls for me.
You love obeying this sexy Glamazon. I make you feel so insignificant. You know you need to obey me. My curves just make you stupid. And I want you in pain for my ass loser. I want you down on your knees, worshiping my body and my ass as I send you in to a frenzy of pain and pleasure. Pain for my ass... totally worth it. Now I'm going to let you cum, but it's going to hurt...

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