Clubstiletto - Lady Katy - This is the Nastiest Office of them All

Added: 19-01-2018

FemCorp is completely run by Women… kinky women who understand that keeping men aroused keeps them working hard, even with poor pay… or no pay. Today you find yourself in the office of Lady Katy, who prides herself on having the nastiest office of them all. As you enter her office for your first day of work, you find her on her office chair vigorously fucking herself with a massive two-headed dildo. She tells you to stick the other end in your mouth, and as you get close, you see just how massively hairy her muff is. As you move the dildo in and out, she tells you she will be fantasizing about her boyfriend’s cock while you perform your task. She criticizes you a few times for doing poor work and makes you sit back while she takes over again. The proper rhythm gets her aroused quickly and she tells you her boyfriend will be there soon. You will be her fluffer and when she’s fucked and full of cum, you’ll be required to suck it all out of her.

Naturally, you’ll also do real work at the office each day, but a lot of your time will be devoted to servicing Katy and the other Ladies. Katy says she’s going to spend time every day thinking about all the nasty things she’ll do to you. “I want you crawling out of here so humiliated every day, hearing the other Ladies laugh at you because they know what has just transpired; surely you realize that these Ladies have no secrets between themselves. Katy tells you what sort of things you can expect – piss drinking, full toilet duties, licking her pits and ass, sucking her dildo, taking her strapon up the ass, sucking her black lover’s cock, eating his cream pie, and maybe you’ll even get thrown over a bench and flogged. Katy pulls the dildo out of her pussy and tells you to suck it dry. In and out she moves it down your throat. “I bet you wish I’d stick this up my ass so you could lick my ass juices” she says, and naturally you nod your agreement. You can’t risk getting fired, and because you’re pretty nasty yourself, she already knows you enjoy that sort of thing anyway. She tells you that after she’s had a dildo up her ass, she always has to take a big nasty dump and that it will go in your mouth before she facesits you and leaves it smeared on your face all day. You will crawl out of the office with your face like that when she sends you home at the end of the day. People will call you all sorts of names because Katy plans on telling more than just the office Women what she makes you do. She calls you over close and sits on your face; she’s going to feed you now.

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