HumiliationPOV - Princess Lacey - No Safe Word, This Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Added: 24-01-2018

Do you think you can handle a little pain, bitch? Are you ready to take everything that I’m about to do to you? You're starting to look nervous. You should be. And don’t worry about a safe word, you won’t need one because I won’t be able to hear it. Open wide and stick some panties in your filthy mouth and tape them in there. Now I won’t be able to hear any of your pathetic fucking words. And now I can beat the fucking $.h.!.t.. out of you.Get down on your knees where you belong, spread your legs and I’m going to pound those balls of yours. And you won’t be able to cry or utter a safe word. I’m going to beat your ass and your balls mercilessly while I laugh the entire time. I am ruthless with my crop. You’re going to be so fucking bruised. Your balls have never experienced a beating like this. They’re going to be black and blue. It’s going to be permanent and hideous.Look at you, quivering with pain, I love it, I love every fucking second of this. And I don’t give a fuck how much pain you’re in. And just think, we are just getting started. There are going to be welts all over you. I am a brutal Goddess with this whip and I love watching your skin turn red. Take it like a good bitch! The damage that this can cause will be beyond repair.I am not going to go easy on you. This is not for the faint of heart. I intend to destroy your skin. Permanently. I love destroying you. I love when you’re gagged and I can’t hear anything you have to say or any cries for help. You’re going to be crawled up in a ball, crying your eyes out.

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