Miss Foxx - Seduced to the Dark Side

Added: 06-02-2018

I’m the Beautiful Villainess & using a fake distress signal, I have lured Superman 2 Me! I welcome him & inform him that now that he’s here there is no escape n he now belongs 2 Me. How can this be? Well, I have powers too, the powers of seduction that will sap Superman of his willpower. The more I seduce him the stronger n more powerful I become. “No man can resist Me,” u declare as I pose seductively – legs stretched out. I’m too beautiful, he’s in awe. “I’ll now seduce you to the dark side, you’ll do as I say, as I please, however I like when I like, this is your new Fate 2 be the slave of the world’s most seductive woman. See these curves, these amazing long legs, my soft smooth skin, juicy lips? They now own you!” There is no escape. My legs may not be made of Kryptonite but they just as effective, there is no denying his desire for Me & I’ll have him. He is helpless & weaker with each leg cross. When I see that he is powerless I walk to him and make him kiss the legs that defeated him…

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