Mandy Flores - Bicep Queen - Muscle Worship

Added: 19-02-2018

Begin with talking about how much fun u had competing in a bodybuilding competition, and that you’ve been training for something better-the World’s Best Biceps competition. Talk about how you started training 4 it in a public gym, but u were soon curling more weight than any of the men, & it was turning them on too much, so now you train at home. Show yourself loading up a very heavy barbell, setting the pin at the bottom of the weight stack, etc. It should be a superhuman amount of weight if possible. Talk about how you kept getting stronger & stronger, and now u can lift more than any man. Talk about how much weight it is. Tease me with dialogue such as: * “This is (X) pounds. No man can lift this much.” * “I am just a girl. I can’t possibly be strong enough to lift (X) pounds!” * “I bet you’re going to get SO hard if I can lift this!” Now you are ready to show off the results of your training and the pump up that you’ve just done. Remove the long sleeve clothes down to a bikini top. Tease me about how, though u might not look like it when relaxed, your biceps are HUGE when you flex them; how I’d better be sitting down; how I am not ready for what I am about to see, etc. Now here is the fun part, as you flex I want to edit in special effects to make your biceps look huge for each flex. * Definitely need some muscle talk in between the flexes. Things like: * “Oh my god, I can’t even believe how big my arms/biceps have gotten!” * “These must be the biggest muscles in the world!” * “You must be dying 2 jerk off while I flex these amazing biceps/muscles”. Talk about how I must be wondering how you, a girl, managed to get such huge, super strong biceps. Maybe you are a superheroine? With a snap of your fingers (no need to do a difficult transformation effect), you are in your Wonder Woman costume. * Talk about how maybe it’s because you’re Wonder Woman, etc. * A few more zoomed in flexes for me to photoshop, this time in your Wonder Woman costume, and more muscle talk. Talk about how maybe you are not Wonder Woman, but Supergirl. With a snap of your fingers, you are in your Supergirl costume. Same as above, with a few more flexes for me to photoshop, this time in your Supergirl costume, with more muscle talk. Snap your fingers & you are back in your bikini top. Talk about how, no, you are just Mandy, the world’s greatest and sexiest muscle-builder! A few more flexes 4 me to photoshop before we’re done, with, of course, more muscle talk! Please through have JOI talk & a countdown at the end……Mandy Flores

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