Madam Violet - Basic Instinct

Added: 02-03-2018

The woman in your living room is your girlfriends new Best Friend. The two of you are alone. You are very attracted to her, but deeply intimidated, she is sophisticated and intelligent and you've heard the rumours. Shes a man-eater. You nervously wait for your girlfriend to come back in the room, and then she speaks.Its ok, you can RELAX, stare all you want, shes gone now. LOSE yourself in My body. She wont be back for a while, I told her to become very FASCINATED, so utterly ABSORBED by her kitchen, that she will lose ALL track of time. And she will, just like you. You see I have that effect on peopleYou feel sleepy all of a sudden, you wonder why she is snapping her fingers, but you find you don't care. Her body is so distracting, her words wrap you up in silk, your cock is throbbing, and it feels like this moment will never end, you feel out of control, like your body is not your own, but it feels SO GOOD. She crosses and uncrosses her LONG LEGS, her tits are spilling out, she is SO confident it makes you feel like cumming in your pants.Your confusion and arousal makes it easy to drag you down into trance, using covert tricks, conversational hip nos is, eye fixation, you get pulled along by My power and you DROP.Holding you in the palm of My hand, watching as you pump your throbbing dick for Me I tell you whats happening.I dont STEAL boyfriends, I don't need to, I simply take whats Mine. The girlfriend AND the boyfriend. Saving you both from your PATHETIC sex life, putting you to use as MY SEX SLAVES. Two insignificants, serving their Alpha Goddess. You should know I am wearing no panties, a fact your girlfriend will be forced to take full use of tonight , imagine THAT your girlfriends fingers DEEP inside My PUSSY! Shes been My filthy hip no-slut for some time now, she does ANYTHING! Hahaha! Now its your turn, and tonight we will celebrate as I sit on your face and your kneeling naked girlfriend - MY hip no-slut - kneels and WATCHES as I take her man and make him, you, MINE.

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