Goddess Angel - Foot Fucker Denial

Added: 01-03-2018

Hi there, freak! Do You like the view, me lounging here on my comfy bed after my workout, my feet still covered in sweaty socks? It gets you rock hard, doesn’t it? It is so funny that so many of you freaks out there love feet so much! I have perfect Goddess feet, I know, but u would certainly rather fuck my feet than my pussy, right? The smellier they are, the more they turn you on. Pathetic, haha! What if I start moving them up and down? Already close to cumming? I bet you’re. Watch me moving my feet up and down, imagine you’re kneeing behind me, being allowed to fuck them… Better get your hands off your cock for a minute. Because that will never ever happen, loser! You can dream, you can repeat this clip a hundred times, jerking yourself silly, waiting for me to say: “Oh, please be a good boy and fuck my feet! Please fuck my Goddess soles and cum all over my pretty toes. And when you shot your huge sticky load all over them, please be an even better boy & lick your cum off every single toe! Please…” Ha, never ever! I might allow one of my boy toys to do that eventually. But you? Yeah, right… Okay, let me change positions, so you can have a look at them from close range… Take a good sniff. Focus on those soles, those perfect curves. Aren’t they MADE to be fucked? Wouldn’t your cock fit perfectly in between…? Okay, bring yourself close to the edge, imagining you’re fucking my feet… fucking them really good… lasting much longer than the three-minute sex you’re having with your ugly girlfriend/wife. Are you close? Do want to shoot your hot load over them and lick my feet clean? Beg me…! Beg me 2 cum…! And now take your hands off immediately! Because you will never be allowed to fuck them, loser. Bye.

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