Princess Samantha - Sissy Chastity (small)

Added: 03-03-2018

Once a year whilst everyone is out partying and having fun you get to pay handsomely and be unlocked out of chastity . This is the only chance you get to rub that useless little sissy clit sacrificing your NYE , a time for festivities , but no because you live for ME . Look at my perfection and stroke to it , let me get embedded deeper in to your mind. I am your Mistress , your idol. Recharge that clit cock and remember why you love me . You can only dream of taking alpha cock , real men love me , they don't love you .... How you crave to be like me , so in love with me you wish you could touch me don't you ? But I will never want you near me , not near my perfect pussy . God , you're pathetic aren't you ? A sexual loser ! Time for you to chant your mantra , your loser mantra I will mind fuck you further and further and tease you with my perfect arse , big soft breasts and enforce what a sissy cretin you are only good for serving as a sissy , you could never be anything else . Without me you are nothing , so take this twisted opportunity as I take away your social life.

MP4 * 144 MB * 00:09:13 * 960x540

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