HumiliationPOV - Princess Kaylynn - Little Itty Bitty Micro Baby Penis Loser Brain Destruction

Added: 02-03-2018

Oh look it is the loser with the little baby dick. Did you whip out that little thing and try to wank it again? But it’s so itty bitty. It’s so fucking tiny, I am surprised you can get any cum out of that thing. It’s literally the smallest little baby cock I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re better off calling that a clit. So take that tiny worthless penis and slowly go up & down, as much as you can, with your two little fingers. Slowly, jerk that tiny little micro cock. I want to see how hard you can get that little thing for me. Your cock is so fucking small, I can’t believe u can get that thing off at all.

It’s so unfair for you that you were born with such a tiny little penis. You are a fucking joke and there’s nothing you can do about it. My boyfriend has a huge cock that hits me in all the right spots. Why weren’t you that blessed? You are stuck with that puny little thing. This is your lot in life.

You were put here to serve me. That’s the only purpose for tiny dick losers like you. You’re not an alpha man with that little penis, you’re a slave. It is what you were born for, it’s why you were born with a little tiny penis. To show you your place in life. Your job is to worship, and for me to make fun of you. Fucking loser. I know just what to do and say to make that tiny little cock hard, 2 keep you horny and stupid and under my control.

Look at your baby dick just throbbing for me. It is so tiny. You have a pathetic loser cock, you know that. I’ll bet you wish you were a real man with a real cock so you could please a hot goddess like me. But you’re not and you never will be. You are always going to be the biggest loser because of that little penis. You’re always going to be my slave. You’re always going to be stuck with that tiny little penis. And I’m always going to be perfect and beautiful, taking everything I fucking want. Keep jerking, I am going to get your tiny micro penis to bust a tiny little nut. LOL! Get that tiny little mess everywhere you fucking loser. Look at that micro cock you’re stuck with, LOL!

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