HumiliationPOV - Princess Mika - Wheel Of Stroke Or No Stroking, A JOI Game Of Chance

Added: 04-03-2018

I fucking love playing games with u. And this game is very simple, it is a wheel of Stroke, or No Stroking. A game of chance. I’m going to spin the wheel and you’re going to obey whatever it says. And at the end, on the last spin of the wheel, that will determine whether you cum or not. So you better pray that the last spin lands on Stroke! But I’m hoping it lands on No Stroking, because.. well.. fuck you! Now I’m going to spin but you are not to touch your dick until the wheel decides. What will it be? And to fuck with you even more, here’s how it’s going to work. When it says no stroke, I am going to tease the fuck out of you with my fucking perfect body, while you sit there and drool, unable to touch your pathetic cock. I’m so sexy and gorgeous, aren’t I loser?

And when it says stroke, you can stroke, but I am not going to tease you with my body, fuck you! You will stroke to nothing! Maybe you can stroke to my face, maybe I’ll just walk out of the screen and let you stroke to nothing! LOL! You don’t get to win loser, either way you lose. You either get teased and denied or you get to stroke to nothing, LOL! I love this game!

This is what you deserve, you deserve to be fucked with. I wonder which you’ll like more, being teased while you can’t stroke, or stroking to nothing? I am going to drive you crazy loser. I love showing off for you when you can’t stroke.

Ok loser, last spin of the wheel, are you going to get to cum? You’re going to love playing my game.

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