Mrs Mischief - Sneaky Sockjob from Big Sister for Old Times Sake

Added: 05-03-2018

Get off the floor right now and put your cock away – what if your wife comes out? What if Mom and Dad come out? We’re too old to play those games anymore, little brother, and you are going to get us busted, lying there with your dick out… begging me to touch it with my feet.Read less
You blame me – you say that I’m obviously trying to tease u, walking around the family home all day in my over-the-knee fuzzy socks and not much else. You say it is my fault that your dick’s been throbbing for hours and I should help u by playing the game we used to play.
I laugh, teasing you… it is not much of a game we played, really, so much as it was me jerking u off with my feet… with my socks.
We spent a lot of sneaky times playing and giggling & jerking your big stiff cock until my socks were sticky. It was a dirty game, & we both knew it.
We both know it now.
But that doesn’t stop me from touching my toe to your cock…feeling how hard it still gets after all these years…giggling and admitting that I did wear the socks to tease u, after all. Admitting that I want to put my feet on your ‘wiener’ like we used to play…and wanting so bad to show you my titties while you squirt your sticky cum all over my feet.
It’s always turned me on to have this kind of power over you, little brother, and now that we are much older…I think we are going to have even more dirty fun than ever before. Tomorrow I am going to wear my socks all day then take them off and jerk your dick off inside them…mmmm, yes brother…that makes you squirt, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm…make my socks sticky just like you used to.
(Realistic simulated cock and cumshot)

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