Princess Beverly - I Told Them You Are My Cuck Wimp

Added: 07-03-2018

I have a confession to make, baby. I’ve been cheating on you for a long time – with pretty much everyone. You’re boss, coworkers, friends…They’ve all had a piece of me. You see, you pathetic little dick just doesnt cut it. I need a real man, with a nice thick, juicy cock. You may be thinking we have not had sex yet because I have a low sex drive but thats not true, I’m just not into a little dick loser like you.

Don’t worry, baby, I am not breaking up with you – I know how much you love me. But things aren’t here are going to change you’re going to openly be my cuckold bitch and theres nothing you can do about it

Oh and Im gonna give you an up close and personal pep talk at the end while you stroke your cock. I am going to make you cum while you confess that you’re a pathetic wimp. You are going to orgasm saying the same things I tell all my friends about you, haha! I am going to make you cum while thanking me for cuckolding you and telling everyone!

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