Natasha’s Bedroom - More Than Just A Sister - Compilation

Added: 14-03-2018

Your relationship with your sister is about to change forever. You’ll venture into teasing taboo territory, giving into temptation & crossing that forbidden line again and again. This collection contains three of my most popular brother/sister titles at a huge discount: A Lesson For Your Nerdy Sister, Come Home, Big Brother, and I am Desperate For Your Seed, Little Brother.
In “A Lesson For Your Nerdy Sister”, you teach your geeky little sis how to be as seductive and hot as the popular girls in school. You cant believe what a quick learner she is, and you certainly didn’t expect this uncontrollable temptation that consumes you both. Unable to resist, you stroke your cock and cum hard for your sister. She smiles and then greedily laps up your load.
In “Come Home, Big Brother”, your sister would do anything to get u to come home for Christmas…anything. She sends you a video with a startling confession about her forbidden feelings – feelings that u know all too well. Watching her strip and masturbate for you confirms what you’ve always known: you desire her, crazily and unbearably.
In “I’m Desperate For Your Seed, Little Brother”, you are faced with an impossible request. Your sister begs you to secretly impregnate her, telling you that only a pregnancy can save her relationship with her boyfriend. No one will know you are the father; the secret will remain between the two of you forever. You try to tell her no, but you can’t hold onto your resolve once you glimpse her naked body – that beautiful body you’ve fantasized about for so long. You give in, fucking her until you both cum explosively. And then you put your cock in her pussy again as she begs 4 more…

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