Natasha's Bedroom - Impregnate Your Nerdy Sister

Added: 02-12-2017

What are you doing in my room, little brother?? I told you that you're not allowed to come in here without my permission! Oh you just wanted to wish me a happy Valentine's Day? Well, happy Valentine's Day to you, too. I can't say that mine has been very happy, though. Why? You wouldn't's just that it sucks being a nerd! I thought I was going to the dance tonight with the hottest guy in school, but it was just a cruel joke. Everyone laughed at me and teased me for being a nerd. They said that no guy would ever want me, that I'll be an eternal virgin. The most embarrassing thing is that I was totally going to put out for him. See? Look at all this sexy lingerie I'm wearing under my party clothes. I'm sick of being a nerd. I want to be a slut just like those other girls. You know what would really show them? If I got pregnant. Yeah, thats what I'm going to do - and you're going to help me, little brother. We're going to lose our virginity together, and then you're going to cum inside of me. You wouldn't say no to your big sister, would you? Don't you want to fuck me while I beg for your seed? Well, you're saying no right now, but I know just how to touch you to change your mind...

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