Madam Violet - Kamikaze

Added: 09-12-2015
Madam Violet - Kamikaze

The art of the Ruined Orgasm.The third exam for My School of Hard cocks - the Art of the Ruined Orgasm.My academy is THE training you facility you will be desperate to enter if you are the kind of slave who KNOWS his cock needs to be controlled by a hot, strong, dominant Woman, a Goddess. Which lets face it is all slaves. So step right up, and lets see if you have what it takes to serve a Woman as Divine as Myself.Listen I explain to you the logical and simply manipulative reasons why I want you to ruin your orgasm for Me, it all makes perfect sense to you want to prove to Me you can sacrifice your pleasure for My on your knees and you will watch and stroke as I use My body to undo you, listen as I drown you in My words and FEEL the pleasure as I slowly FUCK with your mind like the sex TOY it is taking you right to the very edge where you will cease all contact with your cock, allow your body to relax and... watch with DESPERATE frustration as your cock twitches, and dribbles in misery - ejaculation if you can call it that, but no orgasm.leaving you needy, weak, desperate for more of Me, and feeling a deep, profound sense of surrender to your Goddess. How DELICIOUS : )

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