Seduced And Sextorted

Added: 22-09-2018

So, did you get the panties I wanted you to buy for me baby? Can you show me? Hold them up to the webcam so I can see them. Aw yeah they’re so pretty – I love them so much. Y’know what I’d find so hot? It would be so naughty if you put them on for me baby. Would you do that for me – wear the panties you bought me? You make me so happy – the way you’re willing to do all these things to turn me on. Twirl for me my little panty wearer haha! So hot. Tell me you’d suck a cock for me in those panties baby. It would turn me on so much to hear you say you’d do that for me. Say it for me… You actually said it! You stood in front of your webcam wearing those girlie panties and admitted you’d suck a cock to a girl who is clearly way too hot to be interested in a fucking loser like you. You’re such a fucktard – more to the point you’re my latest Sextorted fucktard. Now that we’re friends on Facebook I’m gonna send this cute video of you admitting to wanting to suck cock in your pretty panties… unless you pay me $500 right now – you have 1 minute loser hit send and pay me my money! Good boy – you made the right decision – I really was going to send all your friends that video… but you’re not getting out of this that easily loser. I’m about to publish your video on YouTube – unless of course you convince me not to… with another $500. Pay it now panty-cocksucker haha! hit Send again right now. You can see how this is gonna work right loser… I’m going to keep demanding money until I’ve totally rinsed you!..

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