The Mean Girls - Goddess Raven - Old Fool Cuck

Added: 18-10-2018

“I love Goddess Raven! I wanted to ask for a custom of just her, Almost exclusively close ups of her beautiful face , super heavy black eye shadow, lashes, and some wild color glitter lipstick. It would be all POV style. No yelling but be completely evil, superior, and seductive bitch.

She is of course a young beautiful Goddess, and i am a old man who is twice her age and have a giant crush on her. She takes full advantage of my weakness for her. Teasing by licking her lips…..She says, ‘Want to kiss my lips?? Would you give me EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want if I let you kiss me’….teasing with lip licking…..”Then first sign this paper, don’t concern yourself what is says, you want these lips…..signed?….Good boy. now for my kisses ….i really am to for…’ lean in and kiss camera a few times….’Wasn’t that the best kiss of you life? Read less

Good you old fool, it was your last. Now bow down slave! On your knees I said. You stupid old fool you just signed a slave contract! I own you, everything you ever had, your house, your money is all mine. You? Well you will live the rest of your life in chastity as my cuckold slave…You will always address me as GODDESS Raven… You will loose the word no from your vocabulary….Everything I command you will preform without hesitation…..Repeat after me, i am your owned slave, you are my goddess and owner…i live only to please you my goddess…..Now it’s time to lovk you away in your cage.’ (Have the last part with me looking out through the cage but still all close ups of her face) ‘You will live in this cage at the foot of my bed….and I don’t care you are not gay, at my command you will suck and fluff my boyfriend…say yes Goddess Raven!’ (She then calls her boyfriend and while looking thru cage at me) ‘Yeah babe, i enslaved the old fool…you should see him locked away in our cage…yes, the pathetic fool could not resist my lips’…..Hold phone out and make me say hello to my new Master, that i will serve both of you forever…..after saying goodbye, tease and taunt me, look what i have done to you old fool…enslaved by a suck a young girl….tell me, was my kiss worth your life? Dam right you pathetic fool. It is your honor just to be able to gaze upon my beautiful face everyday…. Well slave get ready for a lifetime of sadistic torture by me and my man!'”

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