Andrea Rosu - Baby Knows How To Make Mommy Feel Better

Added: 24-12-2015
Andrea Rosu - Baby Knows How To Make Mommy Feel Better

Why is Mommy Crying? You're so sweet to be concerned. I'm so sorry that you have to see me like this. I really shouldn't be burdening you…but…it's my anniversary with Daddy, and as you can see I made a really special dinner. And as usual, he called to say he was coming home late…something about having to stay late at work. You want to make Mommy feel better? You already make me feel wonderful and loved, sweetie. Oh…you want to make me feel better the way you've seen Daddy make me feel good? Oh my…I guess we haven't always been so careful. Well…I do think it's time for my sweet little boy to learn how to become a man. An important step to that is to learn how to lick pussy and make a woman feel real good. So, let me tell you exactly how to make Mommy cum in your mouth. Oh wow…you're a quick learn, honey. You've always been such a good student You do make Mommy proud. Now it's time to see that my baby boy feels good too. Show me your cute little wee wee, honey. Oh my…that little wee wee has gotten a bit bigger, huh?! Now let me touch it. Oh…you want to touch it…because you're a big boy now, huh?! Ok, sweetie, but let me give you a few pointers. Mommy does know best.

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