Lady Fyre - Panty Pervert Compilation

Added: 18-11-2018

Brother Turned into Panty Slave: I catch you going to through my panty drawer when mom’s not home. I can’t believe my own brother is a panty perv! I threaten to tell mom, but you know how embarrassing that will be & you beg me not to. I promise not to tell mom if you jerk it to my panties. Follow my instructions while I make fun of your little panties perversion & tease you with my pantied crotch. You’re going to be my panty slave from now on & jerk off to my panties whenever I tell you to. And you better come right when I order, or I’ll tell mom she raised a panty pervert.
Brother Beats off to Panties: Mom is gone for about an hour and I want to watchyou beat off again for my panties. When I caught you in my panty drawer & made you masturbate for me, it was obvious that you didn’t know what you were doing. I’m going to help you by giving you jerk off instructions.
I embarrass you by questioning you about your obvious panty fetish. I make you answer exactly what it is that turns you on so much about sister’s panties. You tell me that it’s like the wrapping on a birthday present, and I tease you about wanting to see sister’s pussy. I tease you about how some of my friends have caught you looking up their skirts, and I threaten to expose you as a panty pervert if you don’t keep me entertained.
I edge you close to orgasm then in the end give you a cum countdown. If you don’t do what I say, I’ll tell mom & all my friends.
Panty Pervert Confronted: I’m your sister’s friend & I’m in your class at school. I’m mad because I think I caught you looking up my skirt a few times. I’ve never confronted you about it, but I just asked your sister about it & she told me what you two have been doing. Today I come to your house when you’re alone. Like your sister, I don’t understand why panties turn you on so much.
I sit on the couch with my dress pulled up, showing off the front of my nylon panties. I make you go into detail about why you love panties. I ask you what you do in the bathroom when you leave class. I take off my bra to see if that arouses you, but you just keep staring at my panties. I lie down on the couch & show the back of my panties & make you show me what you do when you’re thinking of panties. I tell you you’re doing it wrong & make you change the way you’re beating off. I make fun of you, calling you panty perv & panty boy.
I make you lie down on the floor & look straight up my skirt while you beat off. I tell you that I’m going to tell all your sister’s friends about you. After you cum, I tell you it’s clear you have a problem. I think I’m going to tell my mother that you’ve been looking up my skirt, and I’m going to tell the principal too. Soon everyone will know what a pervert you are.

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