HumiliationPOV - Princess Macey Jade - Mindfucking Little Dick Men And Turning Them Into Feminized Sissies

Added: 10-12-2018

You’re not a real man. You never have been. It’s a harsh reality that I’m delivering to you. But I’ll bet you’ve known this for awhile, I’ll bet you were called a sissy by all the other boys. And while the other boy’s cocks got bigger, yours never grew. Your manhood never came. You have a tiny little dick and nothing is ever going to change that. No matter how hard you try to be a man, you’ll always be a little bitch. You’re just a little sissy with a teeny tiny penis that will never please a woman.Read less

That tiny little shrimp dick member of yours shouldn’t even be referred to as a penis. And as a result of your little dick you’ve never felt like a real man. It must be tough being born a male but not being a man. So drop the facade and stop trying to be a real man.

Just shave all of your pubic hair and at least make it cute because you see a teeny tiny little pathetic penis is useless. In fact, shave your entire body. Only men have hair, not you. And while you’re at it, it’s time to give up boxers, men wear boxers. Little small dick sissies like you wear cute pink panties. Perfect for tucking your tiny penis away in. You need to forget about your tiny penis, in fact, you should lock it away in chastity, it’s of no use.

Next you need to fully dress like a girl and completely sissify yourself. I mean you’ve tried for so long to be a man and how well has that worked for you? It hasn’t. So you’re going to be a sissy. You’re going to make your body all smooth and dress like a girl. You need to feminize yourself and rub your little sissy clitty. You don’t have a dick to pull, you don’t have a cock to stroke because you’re not a real man. You’re going to dress like me in sexy little outfits and you’re going to accept your fate.

You’re going to rub your sissy pussy and give up on trying to be a man. You’re going to give in to what you really are. You’re going to push your ego aside and feminize yourself. Now you have a place, a goal, a purpose. I mean are you just going to continue on for the rest of your life trying to be a man and living a lie? Stop wasting your time and your life and just give in to what you are. You can finally have a good sex life like this, isn’t that right sissy?

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