Lady Fyre - Reluctant Mother Relieves Christmas Morning Wood

Added: 31-12-2015

Good morning sweet boy. Santa came & it's time to open your presents. The whole family is waiting for you. What are you hiding from me? Playing with yourself under the covers? It would be so embarrassing if you came out with morning wood. It would be hard to explain to our relatives. Have you tried to take care of it on your own? Is this how you were doing it? Let mommy show you how to do it right. It's not working? Well, we really need to take care of this. I probably shouldn't be doing this to my own son, but I just can't be embarrassed in front of your father's family. They just aren't understanding of that kind of thing. So I'll give you a little blowjob, and that should make it easier for you to cum. Oh honey, you can't take much longer. They'll wonder what we're doing in here.
I'm going to try one last thing, and if this doesn't work, I'm going to say that you're sick & you can't open your presents. You want to open them, don't you? Don't EVER tell your father about this. I'm going to put you inside me, and it's going to be really intense. You HAVE to tell me if you're going to cum. You have to be quiet. No moaning. Does mommy's pussy feel good? I guess this is your first Christmas present. Oh my! I didn't expect it would feel good for me too. Phew! That was close. You didn't give me much warning before cumming, but I'm glad we got rid of that morning wood. Clean yourself up & come open your presents. Merry Christmas sweet boy.

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