Lady Fyre - Trapped In A Shiny Pants Trance

Added: 08-01-2016
Lady Fyre - Trapped In A Shiny Pants Trance

I found out something about you, and you know how much I love using mens weaknesses against them. And I fully plan on using your weakness against you. Your weakness is a woman in shiny pants. Something so simple, shiny clothing can bring you to your knees. It makes your cock so hard. What is it about shiny that turns you on so much? It makes you want to kneel down and beg for more. I suspect its the way they light shines off of the material as it hugs my perfect body. Look how these pants grip my ass and accentuate every curve in shiny perfection.
You find it irresistible, youre caught, mesmerized by my ass in these shiny pants. Youre caught in my trap. Youre so vulnerable. Look how easily I have you, as you stare at my ass, as you watch it move around, you cant look away, you cant stop jerking. Youre on your knees and youre not going anywhere until Im done with you and then youre going to watch this clip again and watch my ass move around in circles, over and over and over again.
You cant stop watching my shiny ass in front of your face. Hyp n0 t!zed by my shiny ass. Around and around it goes and you cant stop staring. Youre trapped. The longer you stay in the trap, the weaker you get. You want to be weak, you want to be vulnerable because it feels so good.
Your love for shiny clothes controls you, it consumes you. So you must continue to worship. You feel yourself getting even weaker now. Keep staring. Fall deeper and deeper. You cant stop.

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