HumiliationPOV - Don’t Ever Leave Your House, Don’t Think, Just Goon Your Life Away

Added: 11-09-2019

There’s absolutely no need for you to ever go out again and try to find love or sex or whatever. No. We both know what you really want and deserve. You want to be my stupid mindless jerk slave, staying inside all day and night, just pumping your cock for Princess. Not thinking about anything else but being weak for me. But in order to be my jerk junkie, you need to be a good obedient boy. And that starts with just clearing your head and not thinking about anything else but pumping your cock for Princess, and my sexy young hot bratty body.
In order to be my jerk slave, you must be stupid and the way to make you stupid is to make you horny. I want you weak and horny for my bratty ass. Stay inside, don’t ever leave your house, and just keep edging for my ass. This ass that you’ll never get near but still controls you from afar. Edge and stroke for me, addict. Nothing else matters but this right here. Just me on your screen and your cock in your hand. Non stop pumping for Princess. That’s how you become my stupid slave.
Just look at this fucking ass and jerk. Don’t think of anything else, you’re fucking stupid for this ass. You know that all thinking is bad, it’s too much for a loser like you to handle. Jerking to me feels so much better than thinking. No cumming, just teasing, edging and denial to keep your stupid brain mushy. Don’t think of anything else but pumping your cock to Princess. Doesn’t it feel so good being stupid and horny for a hot brat like me? Yea, I know it feel so good to be a jerk junkie loser. No sex, no social life, just your hand and porn, forever. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Just never ending lonely nights with your hand and your rejected dick just jerking to my unobtainable body.
Your stupid cock is all mine. I control it. And I don’t want a selfish cummer. I want you to just edge your cock endlessly. Never ever stop. Keep jerking to my ass, just right on the edge for your Princess. This is your sex life, non stop edging and denial. Become my jerk zombie. It feels so good, doesn’t it? You fucking love this. You’re just a horny submissive idiot who can only think with his cock. Be my good jerk junkie loser and never fucking cum. Nothing else matters but me on your screen and your dick in your hand and this is exactly where you’re going to stay. You’re just another jerk junkie who can’t control himself. Just gooning and edging for a Princess who loves denying you. I don’t want you to cum, I just want to make you stupid for me. Never stop edging for your bratty Princess loser. Become my stupid jerking zombie. No cumming loser, now start over and watch this again.

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