HumiliationPOV - It Feels So Good To Be An Addict, Sniff Again Junkie

Added: 05-10-2019

I know you’re a sniffing junkie. And although you wouldn’t admit it to your friends, you’ll admit it to me. You’ll explore your deep, dark desires with me. Femdom clips are you world now, there is no escape. And your favorite types of clips are when you’re made to sniff from the bottle because you like being told what to do by a hot young brat. I’m young, beautiful, sexy and sensual, I’m the brat who runs your world. Now start fucking sniffing.
Put your nose to the bottle and breathe in deep. Hold it. And exhale. Good boy. Feel it rushing all through your body to your cock and let everything go. Let go of all of your worries and burdens and just feel the pleasure. Right now you are my little addict and that’s all that matters. And when you sniff it feels so good to be an addict and the only dependencies you have are me and that bottle.
Take another hit. Inhale. I’m going to get you so fucked up. And you want that. The more you sniff your naughty bottle, the more eager you become, and the deeper you fall into subspace. Go deeper for my perky young tits. Feel the image burning into your mind, sinking into your brain. You can’t look away. The image of my body just pops on your screen when you’re this high. I am infiltrating your mind. Stroke it as you stare at me on your screen. Just let your addiction take over, it feels so good. Sniff some more. Stroke some more. Work yourself up as you fall deeper under my control.
Keep your eyes glued to the screen as you sniff and jerk. I know you can’t help it, you can’t look away. You’re so fucked when you’re like this. Sniff from the bottle. Deep inhale. You’re so high and horny but you want more. You don’t want this feeling to end. More. Stroke and sniff over and over again. The more you sniff, the more you submit, the more you stroke the deeper you fall. This just feels so good you don’t want it to end, and it doesn’t have to, just keep sniffing and jerking.
It’s a vicious cycle that you can’t break. You will always come back for more. You might stray but you’ll always return. You’re an addict. Just keep repeating this process over and over. Sniff and stroke. Keep getting dumber. Feel that cum in your cock but don’t let it burst, because when it does this pleasure ends and you don’t want this pleasure to end. You’re so fucked, so addicted, so dependent on me, my body, my words. This is exactly how I want you. I’m going to count you down and let you cum because I know this will only serve to further addict you.
– Goddess Allexandra –

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