HumiliationPOV - Verbally Annihilating BBC Worshiping Little Dick White Boy Faggots

Added: 14-10-2019

Goddess Sahrye delivers some hardcore verbal humiliation in this clip!
Do you know what little teeny tiny dicks are good for? They’re good for absolutely nothing, they have no purpose. Most likely you are white and have a little dick and with that little thing you can do absolutely nothing. Well that’s not completely true, you do serve one function. You small dick loser white boys do have a purpose and that is to suck big black cocks. That would give you some use, some purpose.
You need to use that slutty little fuck mouth of yours on big black cock. You’re here to serve and you’re going to serve some huge black cocks with that white privilege little fucking dick mouth of yours. You’re gonna get on your knees and look up and you’re going to ask your big black cocked dominant what he wants you to do to serve him as he jerks his huge fucking black cock casting a shadow on your pathetic faggot fucking face as you wait for him to drop his huge load all over your disgusting fucking face. As your cock throbs as you wait for that big black cock load to fall into your fucking pathetic faggot little dick bitch mouth of yours. If that BBC tells you to lick his balls while he strokes his shaft up and down and smacks you in the face with it, you will won’t you? You little dick fucking loser.
I mean if you don’t do this, then there truly will be no purpose for you. And you want purpose, and your purpose is to suck BBC because you worship that BBC don’t you? Yes, I know you do. BBC makes your little white cock throb. You’re going to serve your big black dicked master, aren’t you? You stupid teeny tiny white dicked loser freak. You’re going to deliver that slutty tongue of yours all over his massive black cock until he dumps his load on your stupid white face. You little dicked white men have only one reason to exist and that’s to serve your big black cock master.
He’s going to fucking gag you with his huge monster cock while you rub your little clit dick. Because the only cock you stroke is his, you little dicked loser. Only real men with huge cocks stroke their dicks all over your stupid pathetic fucking face. You tell your bbc daddy how much you love his bbc as you choke on his fucking dick. You take your white privilege faggoty mouth and you take that fucking cock. You choke on it, you gag on it and when that BBC black master tells you to take his load, you do it you little white fucking slave bitch. You do because you’ll do anything for that BBC, won’t you? You little dick white loser.
And you’ll do it because you want some purpose in life. And you need to stand out because there are thousands of little dick losers like you, white teeny tiny little fucking dicked pathetic faggot losers like you who all they want to do is suck that BBC because that big giant mandingo anaconda dick rules white boy’s faggoty little dick world. Yes it fucking does and you love it. You live for it because that’s what a little dick faggot loser bitch like you does. It lives for the BBC, doesn’t it you teeny tiny white dick faggot?

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