HumiliationPOV - Closet Fags Like You Were Meant For The Glory Hole

Added: 21-04-2020

You were meant to be a glory hole cocksucker for huge anonymous cocks. Your mouth was meant to be the hole for cocks. As much as you pose as a straight man, you can’t help but be consumed by thoughts of big thick cocks. You are a glory hole, you are nothing but a hole, and nobody will know that it’s you. Closet fags like you were meant for the glory hole. It’s your secret. Your mouth was made for that anonymous hole. You want your mouth to be used, you’re nothing but a glory hole cock sucker.
You’re just a hole, hungry for more cocks to poke their way through. There will be a line at your stall, waiting to use you, cock after cock after cock. Making yourself dumber and dumber, twitching for the biggest cocks that come through that hole. Every time you go it is the best night of your life. You are a hole for cocks, a true empty fucking brainless hole for cock. Stroke and say, ‘I’m a mindless fuckhole.’ You’re a mindless fuckhole.
You are a gloryhole for cocks. Taking cock after cock after cock in your mouth. You love the thought of being a mindless cock hole. You need to go to the glory hole more often. You need to become a regular there. You are my little glory hole slut. Stroke, you want those anonymous cocks. You’re a cock hole, you’re a glory hole faggot, ready to be used by cock after cock. You’re my little glory hole.
Be the glory hole. Embrace what you are. Stroke to cock. You need to have your mouth filled by superior anonymous cocks that are ready to cum inside your mouth. You need to be used like the hole that you are. Stroke to cock. You are a cock hole. You were meant for this. You need to be used like this. You need to taste warm alpha cock in your mouth, anonymously unloading in your little slut mouth. You can’t fucking cum without a cock using you. Cocks make you feel like the good little slut that you are.
You are a perfect little cock hole. Stroke little cock slut. You are cock slut. You are a glory hole for all those perfect cocks. Your mouth is perfect for cocks. Now I want you to cum to the thought of being a loser glory hole slut. And once you cum like this, you’ll need it more. You’ll need to be at the glory hole in order to cum. You’ll find yourself going more and more often. You are an empty brainless glory hole slut. You are hungry for cock. You will need cum in your mouth in order to cum. You are a glory hole, go and be the glory hole.

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