Goddess Natalie - Virgin step brother teased and taunted

Added: 20-12-2020

So, my step-brother has been as virgin for the whole time I’ve known him, and I don’t have high hopes of him losing his virginity anytime soon. I’m pretty sure he still is a virgin to this day, but just to make sure, I decided to ask him over to my room to personally question him about it. Of course I was right. I’m always right! And because I know he’s not going to change his situation anytime soon and I’m obviously not going to help him with that, I decided I could, at least, give him a little bit of a taste of what it’s like to be with a woman. I know he’s obsessed about me, cause I saw him peaking on me in the shower many times! So I plan on teasing the hell out of him with my sexy body, to make him worship my breasts, my ass and my lovely wrinkled soles. And after I got him all hard, when it will be impossible for him to say no to anything I’d suggest, that’s when I’m gonna propose something that will change his life forever. You’re gonna have to find out what, I guess!
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