Dommelia - Pay To Be My Cleaner

Added: 19-01-2021

I’ve been thinking about ways in which I can use all of you slaves and make you more useful to me, when an idea came to me this morning. You guys are always saying “Mistress, how can I please you and serve you?” Well, I want you to become my cleaning bitch. Women like me don’t clean, that’s what losers like you are for. Of course, you’ll be paying as no loser is allowed in my presence without paying me. So you’re going to come and clean whilst I watch and if you don’t do a good enough job, I’ll just beat you. So you’ll arrive, lay your tribute at my feet before I put you in a maid’s outfit, tie a rope around your cock and balls which I’ll pull you around with and I’ll have you cleaning my house from top to bottom, including cleaning the toilet with your TONGUE! Should my refreshments not be provided to my satisfaction, you’ll be slapped across the face. All of this cleaning will be extremely thirsty work for you, but don’t worry, I’ll be on hand to provide you with a drink – the ONLY drink fit for a slave – fresh from my bladder! I know you’re so desperate to apply so buy this clip to find out how…
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