Goddess Natalie - Beg to clean me up

Added: 22-01-2021

My husband has been away and busy for a long time now, and I’m so sick and tired sitting here at home by myself, being a good girl! After all, I know that he secretly likes the idea of me cheating on his, so why wouldn’t I just go ahead and do it? Instead of getting bored here, I decide to go meet this stud I’ve been talking to for a while on Tinder! He seems like the kind of guy who’d fuck me like a total ani*al, so let’s find out if it’s actually true! Once I’m done, and after he fucked me several times, cumming inside of my pussy with no condom, I put my pantyhose back on and try to get back home. I can barely walk without any of his cum dripping out of my filled-up pussy, and I don’t have any panties anymore, cause he ripped my off and destroyed them! Oh gosh…when my husband is gonna hear about this! But..wait! Why would I just tell him all about it while he jerks off and gives me nothing in return? That doesn’t seem fair! Today, I’m gonna get him to do something different for me instead! I’ll have him clean my pussy up and eat a real man’s cum out of it! But I won’t give it away all that easily, nah-uh! I want to see him on his knees, begging me to let him do it, insisting and begging, trying hard to convince me that he’s worthy of that kind of task!
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