Janira Wolfe - Drink My StepTwin Bulls Day Old Cum

Added: 01-02-2021

This is a 100% true story, detailing last night’s sexual encounters with My Step-Twin bulls, and my subsequent thoughts and feelings leading up to this point today where I will feed you the contents of both of My Step-Twins’ day old condoms. Before we get to your little treats, I want you to really understand what happened to produce those lovely cum samples that will soon be your dinner. In order to ensure your full comprehension of My Step-Twins superiority over you, I’ve added some visual samples from videos My Step-Twins have appeared in with Me to paint the picture for you of their superior bodies, cocks, and most importantly: My lust for them. To further help you paint that picture of Me with them, I will also tell you every single detail, starting from their arrival while My slave was ironing My curtains for Me, completely ignored while I entertained My Step-Twins in the other room, through the mind-blowing sex with each of them, and finally arrive upon how I regretted sending My slave home early and missing out on the only thing that could have made the experience hotter: cuckolding…which is of course how W/we’ve landed in this position right here and right now. Now, I have had an absolutely wonderful past 24 hours, but I want to get off one last time. See, I have a fetish for Step-Twins, and I have a fetish for cuckolding, which means that the ultimate thing a little beta cuck bitch like you can do to make Me happy is swallow down all the cum of My alpha male Step-Twins. Now, here’s your chance. Make Me proud.
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