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Added: 07-02-2021

You've just got home from your busy Christmas business trip and Jasmine, on the bed in just bra and panties, is surprised to see you home so soon. She says she hopes your trip was successful because she got bored so ended up going shopping, spending lots of money. She says she then lined up a bunch of studs and some girlfriends for an all out fuckfest right there on your bed. She then remembers she was just about to set up another date when you got home. She pulls her panties tight up into her pussy to titillate you and tells you how she is freshly fucked, swollen and sore but because of her high sex drive just needs some more cock… Not yours of course, you know she only took that once on your wedding night to make it official. You're just too small to please someone like her. You on top of her is actually a repulsive thought to her. "I would love for you to watch me though" she tells you as she then starts to describe the foursome that happened on the bed. Her and three guys who took turns enjoying her body. Her girlfriends had their boyfriends over and they all fucked her too, "Because I really needed it" she adds. She also gives you credit for her incredible sex life since you got married. The idea of having her own cuck keeps her in a high state of arousal so she has never been with so many men before. She literally can not get enough.

As she describes your inefficiencies she removes her bra and you're more aroused, even as she laughs in your face. "I hope you go away on another business trip and make lots of money as it helps me do all the things I like to do" she tells you, making you feel inferior but somewhat important. Next she tells you the partying and fucking has left the house in a terrible mess and she wants you to do all the laundry and to start by licking all her panties clean before washing them by hand. "I want you to taste all the men's jizz off my panties and imagine what it would be like to be between me and a real alpha male with real man meat." It then occurs to Jasmine that you should probably wash the bedding and steam the carpets to, as a lot of body fluids were flying about. "I did use your pillow and face cloth to wipe cum off my ass" she mentions. When you look a little put off she tells you not to worry, it's not the first time she has done it, lol. Now she stands on the floor and removes her panties and says "I want you to wash everything except your pillow and your face cloth." She says she wants you smelling that stale cum when you wash your face and rest and it will help you feel like you were there. She spreads her legs and says next time you will be there and you will see her moaning with pleasure from the cock of a young hot stud. She'll have her girlfriends and boyfriends over and some random studs and you'll be in the corner until you are given an order, whatever it is. She gives you some pretty kinky ideas as to what that might be. "Your purpose is to be a cuckold and you're going to be locked in that chastity device forever."

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