Miss Melissa - Be Better Next Time

Added: 09-02-2021

This is a custom clip with name usage. We cover a lot of ground in this POV clip! I come home to find you, my shoe slave (you used to be my fellow student, but who cares! ha!), unable to properly clean my boots. As I inspect your work, I humiliate your abilities and decide to punish you. I command my shoe bitch to clean my filthy pink gum boots. I have been walking around the campus all day today and my boots got muddy on this rainy day. So far, I have deprived you of any normal food. Today, I stomp on two bread pieces, wipe my muddy boots on them and make you eat the bread. That’s all the food you will be getting. But I bet you are still hungry, huh? I fish out my dirty old sneakers and put them on. You need to detail these, if you want me to stop being angry at the bad work you have done today licking my boots clean. I will make you sorry for what you have done as I sit above you and make you swallow all the gross dirt from my sneakers. You look so pathetic that I cannot help but snap a few pictures. Grab a previous clip in this series where I catch you looking at my sneakers during class and make a shoe slave out of you: “Dirty Sneakers Humiliation”.
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