SuperiorWoman - Breaking You Down

Added: 09-02-2021

You can try and resist but I will slowly break you down. I know what weakens you. I know what destroys your mind. I know you lust for me every single day even though you try to free yourself from my addictive grasp. We both know after all this time that it is now impossible. My body continues to get hotter, stronger, fitter and sexier, you just get weaker. Despite resisting you’re still weak, your resistance is part of your weakness. It’s a false sense of security. You’re kidding yourself, you think you’re strong, but you’re not. You try and convince yourself that you don’t need this and that you’re in control, but you’re not. I’m still constantly on your mind. In that resistance phase when you start to feel strong, you delude yourself into thing the game is over and you have the upper hand, you want to come and tell me you no longer need this, that you don’t need to stroke and spend for my luscious tits and Goddess curves and you come back, thinking you’ve overcome this addiction. And of course you see me, hear my voice and your cock instantly gets hard and grows and pulsates and drips and you start losing your mind as all those feelings come rushing back and in an instant you are right where I want you, slowly wearing you don’t again encouraging you to touch yourself. Stroke for me, give me your cock, stroke for my hot Goddess body. Stroke slowly as I break you down and mind fuck you, slowly, slowly slowly as I break you down into that pathetic mess, making you weak and spending again. Building up your Goddess porn collection. You will always be my little pervy gooning addict!
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