HumiliationPOV - You Need More Than Financial Domination, You Need To Be Fucked Over, Don't You Piggy?

Added: 13-02-2021

I know that you’ve been into findom for awhile now. And I know all about how each and every time you hand over your hard earned cash to a greedy brat, it makes your cock twitch. Findom has totally fucked you up. Findom has fucked up your cock and your brain and findom has definitely fucked up your sex life. You can’t get off unless you’re being fucked over. You need to be used. Your cock craves to be manipulated. And do you know what else I know? I know that your brain goes places that your wallet has never gone. You see I know that you always pay, but you’ve never been fucked over. Like fucked over really, really hard.
You have never had the pleasure of being fucked over by a girl that is truly disgusted by you. But then you found me. You took one look at my perfect body, my tight beautiful curvy body, and you knew, from that moment, that small tributes of even one hundred dollars wouldn’t be enough for a girl like me. Look at me. Take a good look. You know that I want and deserve so much more. And that thought has your cock twitching. That thought has your cock craving it.
Think about how good it would feel to send me $500. That feels good doesn’t it? Even just the thought has your cock throbbing, imagine how it would feel if you really sent it. But why stop there when five hundred feels so good? $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 or maybe even more. Just imagine that rush. Imagine how good that would feel to your twitchy cock? You want that. You want that pleasure. You need it. You crave it. Feel that thought is taking over your brain, feel it in your cock. Your cock needs it. It’s begging for it.
The thought of giving me what I deserve is never going to leave your mind now that I’ve planted it there. Not ever. Because you need more than just financial domination, you need to be truly fucked over by a girl that is completely fucking disgusted by you. I only deal with pay pigs who truly want to be fucked over. I mean look at me, do you think a girl with a body like this would even pretend to deal with broke losers? Do you think I deal with wanna be paypigs or time wasters? Fuck no. I’m an elite cash princess. Everything about me is elite. I know you can’t afford me. But I also know that you want to so badly. You want it so bad that you just might spend more than you should, go into debt more than you should. Because you need this so badly. You need that rush that only I can give you. The rush of being truly fucked over. I’ll be hearing from you soon.
If you’re still not ready to dive in, if you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive about being truly fucked over, watch Leena’s clip, ‘Cash Råpe Mindwash For Brainless Findom Fuckups’ to truly push you over the edge…
– Goddess Leena Fox –
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