Sarah DiAvola - Sissy Cum Dumpste

Added: 13-02-2021

This is the sequel to Sissy Cum Bath: Sports Bar (cumming soon!). What happened, after I made you crawl your slutty, cream-filled whore body on a collar with a chain leash out the door and out onto the street? I wasn’t done with you yet, and there was still a whole walk home to enjoy as the wee hours of the morning disappeared. There was more slutting to be done. It didn’t take much to gather a little crowd. When someone like me winks at you from an alley in the middle of the night, you do not pass up that opportunity. It would be a sheer miracle. But what they find once they come to me is even better than they’d imagined. She’s a Goddess, and she holds the leash to free, pre-slicked, hungry fuck holes with a boy clit for them to enjoy. Consequence-free. Disrespectfully. Viciously. Voraciously. As she smiles with pleasure. It’s almost as if they want to fuck this silly whore so good that they impress her with their ruthlessness. She loves it. I gagged a little bit while these words flew out of my filthy mouth, and I consider that a signature of quality. I want to disgust you by your own depths of sluttery.
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