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Added: 04-03-2021

How naughty, always on your knees now when in front of mammy, since your special relationship has developed. Considering the things she makes you do, it wouldn't really be appropriate for her to be doing anything but look down at you though, right? As this scene opens she tells you that she will be going out on a date shortly but before she goes she needs to use the washroom... and you're her toilet. "You've been trained for this so you're going to be a good boy and take it all and then lick my ass clean after because I need to be nice and clean for my date", she tells you adding if you do a good job she will bring her handsome date back home after and let you watch the two of them have sex. "I'll let you clean up after" she says, adding "You'd love that wouldn't you, giggle, mammys little perv boy."
She now starts rubbing her stomach and says that things are starting to rumble inside and relieving herself also insures she is emptied out and has a nice flat stomach to impress her man. She teases you for both having a little dicklette and for the fact that it is so hard. "You love our naughty little activities, don't you, serving mammy in this way?" She adds "It's so taboo eating your own mammys schl1t right out of her ass, licking her hole, so dirty, but you love it." She turns around and slowly hoists her skirt up, so seductive mesmerizing you with her plump ass, but this is more than a striptease, as you know. Now she tells you to get your tongue between her crack and to lightly lick her hole, warm her up. She calls you a good boy and a good toilet. You're so proud. Now she wants your tongue deeper inside her and you should be able to taste her being on the other side of her sphincter. "Now I want you to open wide, catch all the chocolate and I'll release just a bit at a time and then after you will lick my hole and crack clean" she tells you. She tells you to stroke yourself and says if you do it well she might let you cum later. Wow, dinner and an orgasm. She does spoil you so!

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