Bratty Jamie - I Fucked Jamal

Added: 11-03-2021

For the first half, you're on a bed, I'm confronting you about seeing you skip school today, I came home early and was spying on you, you were with Jamal, my black bully from school, and you were fucking him.
-Pretend I blackmail-fantasy you, I want to see my step-sisters bare white ass and pussy, or I'll tell mm you fucked a black guy!
-You hesitantly agree, telling me how wrong it is to want to see your bare white pussy, your my step-sis after all...
- Flaunt your perfect ass in my face, ne doggystyle on the bed, pulling down your Jeans (no panties please;))
-Talk about how usually if a black guy saw that sexy little bare pussy, he'd try to fuck it, they crave white pussy sooo much
-Call me a little wimpy white boi, there is a bare white pussy in my face, and I'm just looking at it and stroking my tiny white penis, fucking pathetic, BBC would be throbbing and unable to just look, they would take it, Black Men are so Alpha
-Start asking me if I'm a sissy?  Why was I watching you and Jamal fuck, and was I looking at your white pussy or his Black Cock...
At this point you decide to turn the table, and reverse the blackmail-fantasy.  If I don't clean your pussy out, and eat Jamals black seed from it, your going to tell mm I'm gay for BBC.  So either I prove to you that I'm a fag for BBC, or your just going to make mmm believe I choice
-Be on the bed missionary, completely nude.
-Pretend to coerce me to clean you out, "Eat my white pussy step-Bro!"
-Just tease me about being a wimpy white boi, who is pussy free and craves BBC
-After a while pretend you start to enjoy it, and kick me away with your feet.  Telling me it's wrong to eat my step-sisters white pussy so deep, I crave BBC way to much, am I actually a fag?
-Act like I beg you to finish cleaning you out, so you make me yell I love Black Cock over and over, you yelling it and me repeating it after you
-The  relent, and tell me to show you how gay I am. You want me to make you cum.
-Spread your legs again, and pretend I dive in, super eager now
-Really overact at how much you enjoy it, curl your toes, moan, be like OMG step-bro, your soo fuckkn gay for Black Cock!
- Build up to a huge orgasm, and overact hard, curl your toes and shake
-Collapse in the bed, hair now a mess, you can't believe what I just did...
-Now tell me I have to confirm it, my little wimpy white boi dick has to cum for Black Cock
-Flip over doggystyle, flaunting your ass and pussy in my face, feet still in view, tell me to jerk my little white penis and cum for Black Cock!

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