Mistress Euryale - CBT at the dentist

Added: 11-03-2021

As the dental equipment grinds on your tooth enamel, you are slightly worried about the reaction of Dr. Euryale: you haven't been taking care of your teeth since your last visit to the dentist a long time ago, and she will probably be annoyed by that. More importantly, she might notice that you like bossy women to reprimand you...
You were right: she is upset and begins to correct you on the proper behavior you should get used to. Unfortunately, she also noticed that you got sexually excited as you are scolded by her... and she didn't appreciate that at all. "So you definitely have more than one issue, right?" she said. "We will see whether this will last long" she added, handing again her sharp dental equipment to press them on your testicles. Your moans don't trouble her, as she keeps hurting your precious parts.
You had no idea she was that sadistic, as she slaps them harder and harder... until she decides to jump on the medical chair, astride you, and kick you in the balls. And it hurts. To tease you more and more, she revealed her beautiful lingerie, and you can smell her arousing perfume as she gets close to you. She whispers that she is about to put you under, pushing a respiratory mask on your face... and she might remove some repelling parts of your body...

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