Goddess Natalie - Tongue worship JOI

Added: 16-03-2021

A little birdie told me that you have a massive thing for a hot woman's tongue. And I've also heard that you have a thing particularly for my tongue. You love how nice and pink and juicy it looks, it turns you on so much to see it wet, covered in spit and whenever you see me drooling or spitting you lose control. You become instantly crazy and so utterly weak just at the thought of that spit dripping onto your cock.
Simply thinking of it, imagining my lips on the tip of your cock and my tongue moving along, up and down, from your balls all the way up to that swollen mushroom-head...that's enough to make you throb like crazy and lose control. Well, you don't need to be in control when you're around me anyway, cause I'm in charge, and both you and me know that this is exactly how you like it.
That's why you're gonna go ahead and buy this video with a markup code, follow all of my jerk off instructions, cum like you never did before, then tribute to thank me for this opportunity. Is that clear? Good, now get to it, and you better not miss that countdown unless you want to be left with blue balls and an aching, throbbing cock for my tongue haha

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