ClubStiletto - Mistress T, Goddess Samantha - Stinky Panties, Pantyhose, Dirty Asses and warm Piss

Added: 29-03-2021

It's your lucky day, Mistress T and Goddess Samantha want their ass cracks sniffed and licked and you get to do it. Mistress T tells you she's been wearing the same pantyhose for days so they are rather musty. She tells you to bury your nose right in her ass with her pantyhose providing the rich aromas you crave. "Can you smell what my dirty ass crack smells like with my dirty pantyhose over top?" she asks. Pantyhose just amplifies the smell of everything, ass, pussy, feet, maybe that's why so many men go crazy for pantyhose? T then bends over and puts her hands on Samantha's beautiful big butt. "Look at her tight cotton panties, can you see that they are damp too?" she asks you. Take a sniff. She tells you to stroke your cock.
Now Mistress T slowly pulls down her hose to reveal Her succulent butt and sweet asshole. "I'm going to my boyfriends place shortly and I need you to lick up every single bit of the stink because I want to be squeaky clean for him" she tells you. She places her hands on her ass cheeks and spreads them wide so you can easily get your tongue in her hole. She tells you she wants as much enthusiasm from you licking her asshole as you are stroking your cock. "Is it even dirtier than you thought it would be?" she asks. She tells you she wants her boyfriend to think she has just stepped out of the shower. "This will be your new life, you'll be used everyday for licking ass, for being face sat and for servicing all my beautiful girlfriends too" she says as she looks up and smiles at Samantha. Now T directs you back to Samantha's ass, she orders you to sniff it and while smelling Samantha's ass and tasting T's ass on your breath to cum. Even though you cum before she can count you down she decides to keep you around, you'll need a lot more practice though. Finally T squats and pisses all over the floor, here's another taste you are going to have to get used to.

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