HumiliationPOV - Princess Ashley - You Can’t Stop Buying My Ass Clips

Added: 27-04-2016

ey loser, it doesnt matter how many ass clips I put up, you can never get enough of my hot ass, right in your little loser face. You cant stop obsessing over it, drooling over it, and jerking your loser dick off while you stare. You are such a little freak for my perfect, princess ass. You cant stop yourself from buying all of my ass clips. Youre so fucking addicted. You have like zero self control when it comes to my ass.

Just look at how perfect it is, no wonder youre addicted. Youre just a little ass obsessed loser who cant get enough of my perfection. And who could blame you? There are so many of you little freaks who just love my ass. You cant get enough, you need more and more and more of my ass. You cant even cum without it anymore, can you loser? Thats why you keep buying every clip that shows my ass. Especially ones like this that are completely centered around this perfect booty of mine.

Jerk it loser, jerk it for my perfect ass. Youre so owned by my ass, so desperate and pathetic. Stuck behind your computer screen, wasting hours of your life just jerking mindlessly to my ass. Youre going to cum for the ass that owns you and then youre going to thank for me for the privilege, because its so rare that I let you cum to my ass. I normally just tease and deny you. Youre so lucky loser.

But youre going to have to pay me for allowing you cum, pay me for letting you jerk to my ass. You need to pay it, you fucking disgusting creep. Edge that cock loser, edge it for my ass. And get ready to blow a huge loser load for my ass. Drain your balls for my hot little ass loser. And dont forget to thank me. Get down on your knees and thank me. Then, go buy another ass clip of mine. I know you can’t resist.

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