Madam Violet - Humility Not Humiliation

Added: 19-05-2016

Humility, much like respect if a gift that you give to Me. I can force a man to OBEY My instructions but cannot force a man to HUMBLE himself. In order for you to achieve the state of humility – the PERFECT submissive sate – YOU need to make the decision, you need to choose it. Humility is not to be confused with humiliation, one diminishes the other elevates.

To be humble as a submissive is to be in a state of GRACE which will encourage you to GROW, it will enrich your mental landscape, it will strengthen your heart and it will DEEPEN our connection.Like right now, you are very privilege to be before ME, arent you, to feel like Im talking directly to you, connecting with you, and I am. I don’t want you to ever forget how FORTUNATE you are to have found Me, how LUCKY you are to be able to worship a body like Mine, to be in the presence of such Natural Female Power.

So to keep you HUMBLE, to keep you aware of the difference between us, I will allow you to cum for this beautiful body, but you must EAT your CUM. As much, or as little as you like. This is NOT about humiliation, I am not trying to get you to do something disgusting so I can laugh at you, this is an act of intimacy, of trust. Your cum is your humility and gratitude made manifest. To do this for me shows that you are committed to Me, or at the very least to the TRUE experience of being submissive.This session builds upon the mp3 version but is perfectly awesome on its own.

Soft, slow, gentle, MENTAL SEDUCTION, a MIND MELTINGLY HOT body wrapped in fishnet, My encouraging smile, piles of imbedded commands and re-programming. Reminding your MIND and COCK of what it means to be submissive, what is means to be HUMBLE, youll do it for Me wont you slave : )

Madam Violet hynotize’s you to become her humble slave by stroking your cock and listening to her words, But to show you are humble you must eat our cum, Only a small amount if need be but enough to show your devotion. She is wearing a fishnet dress and stockings in this clip.

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