Princess Lexie - Hot Nanny Replaces Your Wife

Added: 09-10-2017
Princess Lexie - Hot Nanny Replaces Your Wife

*Custom Clip* Thanks so much for meeting with me today. I've absolutely LOVED working for you and your husband the past few months, it's been a dream come true. Yeah, I know when I first started as your nanny you told me to make myself at home, and I took that very seriously. I guess it kinda rubbed off, because it seemed like anytime I went out with your baby everyone thought I was the mom! And when I went out with the baby and your husband, everyone commented on what a beautiful family we were. And....this might come as a shock to you...but remember a few weeks ago when you said the baby was rejecting your breasts and no longer feeding? Well, it was weird but I started lactating just a couple weeks before that, and the baby had been breast feeding from me this whole time! lol I guess it just likes my breasts better. Oh and did you notice this new piece of jewelry? Why yes, it is your wedding ring! I know you thought it didn't fit anymore because you had gained weight (you totally have), but it actually doesn't fit you anymore because I had it resized for ME! lol...doesn't it look better on me anyway? At least that's what your husband told me last night while he was fucking me. What, you think you can stop me? You think you can get your husband back? Yeah right! I win, bitch. I ALWAYS get what I want. And this time, it just happens to be your family.

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