British Bratz - Serve My Black Stud

Added: 06-06-2016
British Bratz - Serve My Black Stud

I thought it was about time I sat you down and just be brutally honest with you, I am cheating on you. I have been for faking orgasms for a while, looking for any opportunity NOT to have sex you but you are so madly in love with me you have just ignored this huge problem. You can't have a relationship without sex and your pathetic excuse of a cock has NEVER satisfied me. In fact, now I have experienced what sex actually is and what size a cock should be yours just makes me sick. I though the saying that 'once you go black you never go back' was just a saying but now I have had the best, horniest mind-blowing sex with my new black lover its true. I don't even want your nasty white dick anywhere near me. It's so small and worthless. Now I know what real sex is with a real man I no longer need you. Bashfully, I begin to tell you that she enjoys cheating on you and tonight I will do just that, AGAIN! I continues to brag about the HOT, HORNY sex with my WELL HUNG,EBONY studs, there really is no comparison. Your tiny, pathetic penis is of no use and in can no way satisfy your wife. You will NEVER be able to please a women, it might as well be locked up for good. You are now demoted to our slave, serving me and my new black bull. You will move from our marital bed to somewhere out of sight and we will beckon you when needed for mundane, degrading errands. You will be our little white bitch and of course will fund our our dates and my racy lingerie for my new man. You will now not only become my slave but you will also serve your SUPERIOR, my new black stud.

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