HumiliationPOV - Princess Mika - You’re So Lucky That I Tease And Deny You – Sweet Cruelty

Added: 12-07-2016

Hey loser, I’m going to tease and deny you, and you’re going to love every second of it. It’s sweet cruelty and you love it. Only a loser like you would buy a clip like this, a clip to jerk off to, only to be denied. And you Know that you’re going to be denied. Yet you still can’t help yourself, can you? Yep, only a real loser would buy this clip. A real man would never buy a clip like this, real men fuck, real men get to cum. Only losers get denied, willingly and knowingly.

You need me to humiliate you and put you in your place. You need me to take control, don’t you? You know you’re very lucky, there a lot of hot girls who would never make clips like this. But I am truly amused by this, so you should feel very lucky that a hot girl like me takes the time to actually tease And deny you. You should feel lucky to gaze upon my perfection.

I know you’re stroking that sad useless thing between your legs. I mean how could you not, just look at my body loser. Stroke to my perfect body, I want you edging. I know you won’t be able to help yourself as I tease you with my flawless body. I want you desperate for release. And then to know, that you’re not going to get it. And that’s the best part, isn’t it? Not being able to get that release, I personally think it’s the best fucking part. Maybe you think it’s staring at all of this perfection. Just look at me, everything about me is just so fucking perfect. You never stood a chance.

Keep edging for my body loser. I want it to be so hard for you to not cum, for you to be denied. You will have blue balls tonight and you’re going to love it. Because in exchange for those blue balls I’m allowing you to jerk to my perfection. You don’t deserve to cum loser. You don’t deserve to even be teased like this but I’m only doing it to fuck with your head and your orgasms. It’s about control loser. You love giving me control over your orgasms, don’t you? You don’t want to think, you just want to let me in and allow me to control you.

Keep stroking, keep staring, you fucking loser. Look at what you’ll never have, what you won’t even be allowed to cum to. I know my body is perfect and so do you. Edge your cock, get yourself so close, edge your cock to me and all of my perfection. You can’t resist, you don’t want to resist. Now I’m going to deny you loser..

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