Madam Violet – Mind Games

Added: 13-07-2016

I love to play with your mind, even more than your cock. Your cock is unruly and rebellious, but your mind is sweetly obedient. With just a few words I can take you down to that place, and just a few words more can have you begging, for whatever it is I wish you to beg for. I know the power I have over your mind, and welding it turns Me on. So lets play some mind games slave : )I put you into a hip no tic trance fairly quickly, getting you to perform a countdown deepener yourself – as I snap My fingers of course. When your down there, in that perfect place of pleasure and relaxation, you know when you cant move, and you don’t want you and you’re just MELTING, you LOVE it, but as soon as you’re down there I bring you back out. All the way up, all the way back into the room, back to full consciousness. As your blinded and DISORIENTATED by the world rushing in I snap My fingers and TRIGGER your mind all the way back DOWN again.

This time you DROP even deeper than before. Taking you down and then bringing you out for just a moment only to DROP you back down again is a very effective way of achieving deep, yet aware, trance. Tossing your mind around like a ball, expertly controlling and maneuvering My favorite toy.A few more times and your ready. Mind splayed, ready to be fucked. So I fuck it. Slowly at first, your watching Me tell you not to listen, you don’t need to hear what I say, as My voice whispers into your left ear. Distracting you with My perfect body, allowing you to jerk your dick, the powerful whispers slide DEEP into your mind, taking root, spreading. Don’t listen and don’t think, don’t notice the third voice coming in from the right, as you get closer to climax – the cementing of My programming. Watching My ass, My legs in those stockings. watching Me pull and twist My aroused nipples, there’s no way your consciously hearing any of this, your brain has become mush, all your is in your cock. But you are ACCEPTING it. All of it, when you play My mind games, I always win : )

Madam Violet hypnotizes you into a deep trance then brings you out of trance over and over to get you into a very deep trance so you are ready to accept her programming. After she has pulled you in and out of trance she then begins to fuck you mind and implant various triggers which you will have no idea what they are as you are concentrating too much on her face body, ass and tits while in hypnosis. She is wearing stocking and high heels in this clip.

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