HumiliationPOV - Princess Mika - Loser Subspace Hyp n0 t!c Bliss

Added: 23-10-2016
Humiliation POV - Princess Mika - Loser Subspace Hyp n0 t!c Bliss

Just look at me, stare into my almond shaped eyes. Fall into them as you listen to my silky voice. It makes you so weak, so dumb. It leaves no doubt why you serve someone so perfect. It’s like you were born for this. You love it, you live for this, just give in, let go, give in and let your mind go deep into subspace. You crave this. This is the best part of your loser existence. Getting completely relaxed as you worship me, as you feel your mind begin to drift. Feel my words, my power as you sink even deeper into loser subspace. It’s what you live for. You love being a loser and you love the subspace, just in how much of a loser you are is bliss for you.

Worshiping me, stroking to me, obsessing over every single word that flows from my lips. Memorizing my beautiful face. Listening to my sexy voice. You never stood a chance. You never wanted to. And here we are, in your subspace. And what do we have here? Who are you at the core? We both know that you’re just a loser. And you love hearing that as you float and drift deeper. You’re so fucking dumb here. You love being dumb, it feels so good. And this subspace that we’re in make you even dumber. It’s who you are at the core. Just some dumb loser. And you love feeling it, you love being it, every single second. Feel it. Feel it more.

You really were born to be a loser. You can’t help it. It’s what you are. It’s who you are. Deep down. You already knew it, you just love to hear it over and over and over. You love hearing how dumb you are, how this is all you amount to. And in this dumb state, this sub space that we’re in, it makes you even dumber. You would do anything for me in this mind state. You’re too dumb not to, you can’t resist. Feel it.

You love to serve me, you love to be of use to me, you love to pay me. It’s the only pleasure you get out of your entire life. And here we are at the core of your loser head, this subspace, and what do we find? Just a dumb loser that loves to be used. This is all you amount to, being dumb, being a loser, desperately trying to be of use to me. You love feeling this, don’t you? You live for this. You have no choice but to keep watching, to keep obeying, to keep paying. You’re nothing but a dumb pay pig loser. You never stood a chance, it is your place in life. It is your role and you love every second of it.

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