HumiliationPOV - Hellen Roxx Loser Sign Middle Finger Mindfuck

Added: 31-10-2016
Humiliation POV - Hellen Roxx Loser Sign Middle Finger Mindfuck

Yea worship that loser sign, it turns you on so much. And then what happens if I flip you off at the same time? It makes your fucking cock throb doesn’t it? What the fuck is wrong with you? I know you’re so fucking hard from this. Only a complete loser would get hard from a loser sign and a middle finger. You get hard from my fucking fingers! Pathetic. I can’t believe this turns you on.Fucking loser. I can just sit here and give you hand signs and jerk off to it like an idiot. You must feel so fucking stupid. You love it when a mean bitch like me calls you pathetic, and useless, and a loser, and then I flip you off and give you the loser sign and it just gets you hard. And you know I’m just going to take advantage of you when you’re horny and stupid like this. I’m going to tease you with my sexy body while you’re stroking for me. It makes you so weak for me, it makes your mind so pliable. Go on loser, stroke it to a girl who will never fuck you because I’m hot and you’re a pathetic loser who I can manipulate with just my hands. Girls who look like me don’t want your loser dick anywhere near them.You hand is all you’ll ever get so stroke that pathetic dick. Stroke for my sexy body, once you start it’s hard to stop. Just look at my body loser, you’re going to be so addicted to me. I’ll always be on your mind. You’ll be worshiping me in your head long after you’ve watched this video. I mean just look at how hard you for my middle finger and my loser sign. You’re a total loser, you need to be used by me, don’t you? Yes of course you do.Do you know how fucking lucky you are I even let you jerk off to me? I put on this sexy lingerie just to fuck with you head loser. You’re a pathetic useless loser and I’m going to use my body and my hands, to drain your mind, your wallet and your balls. I’m going to use you because that’s all you’re fucking good for you fucking loser. All I have to do is flip you off and give you the loser sign and you’ll do whatever I say. You just fall right under my spell. Fuck you loser

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